Australia Swims

Celebrating Australia’s love of the water
In January, we’re inviting every Australian to take part in Australia Swims. It’s a 9-day celebration of water. For everyone. Everywhere.

From ocean swims and pool parties, to beach barbies and snorkel safaris, places all over Australia will be creating experiences that make it easy for Australians to get involved. Because it’s what we do. We swim. Australia Swims.
Total Distance Pledged

Have you pledged to swim in Australia Swims? Just hit the Pledge Now button below and watch the counter increase with your distance.

Be sure to check out the map on the Lap Australia page to see where our swimmer is at. Can you help us make it the whole way around Australia?

Lap Australia
Let’s collectively swim a lap of Australia.
See the lap progress as our swim pledges grow.
Join in the movement and pledge to win prizes.
Lap Australia
Make it easy for every Australian to get involved with Australia Swims
At an event, in a pool, at the beach or somewhere else, we’re looking for swim experiences that appeal to every Australian. Young or old. Fast or slow. Lane lapper or ocean splasher. Experiences are opportunities for people to get involved with swimming. An experience can be anything: an ocean race, a pool party, swimming with dolphins. It’s up to you! And they can take place anywhere. In a pool, at the beach or somewhere else.
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