New features launch on iSwim

The latest version of iSwim has been released to the app stores and they are worth checking out.

Here's an overview of the latest features and what they do.


Lifetime Swims iSwim Dashboard

You will find the lifetime swims feature on the home screen dashboard.

We've got your Swim Training Schedule sorted

For those swimmers who find swimming over winter too much, spring is a great time to head back to your local swim spot.

Swimming is an excellent sport for an all body workout, great stress relief and low cost. You can swim in a squad with friends or train solo knowing you are part of our swimming community.

Spring is a time when regardless of swimming over winter or just getting back into the pool - many swimmers set goals - getting fit for summer or beating a mate at a local open water swim.

Time to join our iSwim Tribe.

Swim for Australia and Win

Ever dreamed of swimming for Australia? This is your chance. Best of all you could win a Hero 7 Black GoPro for joining the challenge!

The Australia Swims campaign is currently in full swing and we are recruiting every Australian to pledge your swim and collectively swim a virtual lap around Australia.  Whether you are cruising at the beach, splashing around in the backyard or training at your local pool, we want your swims!

iSwim to Connect Recreational Swimmers

Australian recreational swimmers spend more than 10.6 billion minutes in the water per year and they will now have the ability to track that time and engage with other like-minded people, as Swimming Australia proudly launches its new app – iSwim.

Free to download, iSwim allows users to log their swims and track their weekly stats including, distance, heart rate, calories burned and time in the water, not to mention keep up to date on the latest swimming news content.

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