Swimming Food from our Australian Dolphins Dietitian

Cauliflower is in season and while you may have memories of bland florets on your plate as a child, the new take on cauliflower is a low energy, filling alternative to rice that’s perfect fuel for a recreational swimmer as we head into spring. Rice might be highly useful for elite swimmers who train heavily but for a recreational swimmer it can be easy to over consume calories, especially after a lunchtime or evening swim.

A brief History of Icebergs Bondi

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time where Icebergs Bondi was more than a trending hashtag and the most Instagrammed pool in Australia. But believe it you shall! This popular tourist and local watering hole is more than just a very pretty façade.

Opening in 1929 Icebergs was originally home to the Bondi Beach lifesavers who wanted to keep their swimming fitness up during the winter months so they created the Bondi Icebergs Winter Swimming Club.

Seven of Our Favourite Ocean Pools

Australia is home to over 100 ocean pools, offering a safe and stunning place to swim between the ocean and the coast. Australia’s first human-made ocean pool was built way back in 1819 after the commandant of Newcastle decided he wanted his own private swimming pool. So, he ordered a group of prisoners to start digging. And, after months of hard labour, the Bogey Hole was created! (Pictured above: next to the Bogey hole.) Now there are heaps of ocean pools all along the New South Wales coastline. Here are seven of our favourite.


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