Swim Safe with Surf Live Saving Australia

Australia Swims is the chance get into the water and have a go this summer, but with the rising heat Australia’s favourite beaches to cool off will be overwhelmed with visitors over the coming months.

Surf Life Saving Australia takes water safety seriously and are urging the public to stay safe when they are around water. Everyday lifesavers rescue 30 people and every hour conduct 451 preventative actions, so whilst they are trained and at the ready to assist if necessary, below are five simple beach safety messages to follow;

Five Reasons to Get Into Swimming for Fitness

Whether you’re looking to change up your current exercise routine, recover from an injury with low-impact exercise or challenge yourself to try something new, incorporating a few sessions of swimming as part of your weekly exercise is the perfect way to reach your health and fitness goals.

1 – It burns calories and improves heart health

Swimming improves heart health and lung capacity, and helps turn fat into muscle. Like other aerobic activities such as running, swimming can help improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, conducive to overall health.

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