Australia Swims News

Australia Swims News

25 Oct

Take in the panoramic views of the double waterfall and monsoon forest surrounds at Florence Falls in the Northern Territory.

19 Oct

Swimming Pools might not be the most exciting dinner party conversation but they could just get a look in when armed with funny facts like this.

15 Sep

There are a lot of turns! Because the pool is only 25 metres in length (instead of the usual 50m)

07 Sep

Snorkelling is a convenient pastime for those of us who want to admire Australia’s underwater beauty without strapping a tank of oxygen to our faces.

07 Sep

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time where Icebergs Bondi was more than a trending hashtag and the most Instagrammed pool in Australia.

07 Sep

Australia is home to over 100 ocean pools, offering a safe and stunning place to swim between the ocean and the coast.

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