Team Citizens of the Reef

Team Citizens of the Reef


Team captains Mack Horton, Shayna Jack and Jake Packard are here and ready to go!

As Australian Dolphins, these three spend most of their time training in the water, winning medals and breaking records, but outside of the pool they all have a strong passion for giving back and doing their part to protect one of Australia's greatest natural treasures - the Great Barrier Reef.

Jumping on board as co-captains Mack, Shayna and Jake are excited to see their squad assemble this Australia Swims.  Inspired by Earth Hour Founder and Citizens of the Reef CEO, Andy Ridley, these Dolphins are determined to make a difference by building a swim tribe of
environmental enthusiasts that will swim their way around Australia raising awareness.


Citizens of the Reef Team

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s first collaborative and independent movement for the Reef. Their connected platform is powered by your actions, bringing together people, projects and organisations from across the Reef and around the world. United they aim to inspire collaboration and collective impact on a global scale. From ditching single-use plastics to citizen science and world-leading research – everyone has a part to play. Together, we can ease the pressures that the reef faces - but we need your support to do it. Because it’s only when we’re united as Citizens, that our individual actions can come together to make a real, physical impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

Commit to a brighter future for the reef. To find out more info and become a citizen of the reef head here. Check out some of the amazing projects and beautiful shots of our Great Barrier Reef on their Facebook page.

Head over to the Lap Australia page now to join Team Citizens of the Reef!



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