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For those swimmers who find swimming over winter too much, spring is a great time to head back to your local swim spot.

Swimming is an excellent sport for an all body workout, great stress relief and low cost. You can swim in a squad with friends or train solo knowing you are part of our swimming community.

Spring is a time when regardless of swimming over winter or just getting back into the pool - many swimmers set goals - getting fit for summer or beating a mate at a local open water swim.

Time to join our iSwim Tribe.

Fast and Furious with James Robert's


You would never have guessed that James Roberts used to be afraid of the water! After registering for Nippers as a young kid to overcome his fear, James discovered his love for the water and transitioned into pool swimming at the age of 17. Now he is a two-time medallist at World Championships. 

Swimming Stars Make a Splash

Summer is here and to celebrate Swimming Australia is encouraging all Australians to revel in their love of the water and through the Australia Swims campaign pledge their swimming distances to swim a virtual lap around Australia from 19-28 January.

10 Reasons You Should be Swimming this Summer

1. A way to cool off from the scorching Australian summers

Australian summers are notorious for being hot, so why not hop in the pool or head to the beach for a quick and easy way to escape the heat?

2. It’s a great form of rehabilitation and recovery

Swimming is considered a low impact sport making it a great option for those with arthritis and other injuries. Water provides the body with buoyancy taking pressure off any injured areas and providing resistance making certain exercises more challenging.

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