The best thing you can do before and after your swim session

If there’s one thing important for all athletes to do before and after exercise to prevent injury, it’s stretching. Swimming uses all your main muscle groups and a wide range of motion, so it’s important to remember to warm up your joints before hopping in the pool and to help cool them down afterwards. Take five minutes before and after your swim to complete these stretches and avoid injury and increase your range of motion.

For your arms, neck and shoulders

6 ways to stick to your New Year’s resolution of getting to the pool more often

We’re lucky in Australia to have glorious summer weather that just begs for New Year’s Resolutions to stick! If your resolution for 2018 is to get in the pool more often, make sure you stick to it by following these simple tips.

Pinpoint why you’re making your resolution

Why your child should learn to swim in 2018

Knowing how to swim is an essential and potentially life-saving tool which is particularly important in Australia where we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. We hear a lot about the importance water safety, but there are also dozens of other reasons why you should get your child to swimming lessons, stat. Here are just a few.

It will improve general health and fitness

A to Z of why regular swimming should be your New Year's resolution for 2018

A – Aquatic Abilities: Important for getting yourself out of dangerous situations and making the most of tropical holidays, having some aquatic abilities means you can make the most of Australia's beautiful waters. 

B – Blood pressure: Swimming has been proven to lower blood pressure, improving overall health and wellbeing. 

C – Challenge yourself! By learning to swim, you’ll also learn to push your personal boundaries, get outside your comfort zone and rise to new challenges. 

Swimming workout for beginner lap swimmers

If you’re new to swimming laps, it can be difficult (and boring!) to swim the same style over and over again in your session. If you switch it up, you’ll not only use all major muscle groups, but you’ll also be building endurance and skill. If you’re a beginner lap swimmer still building fitness and basic skills, here’s a quick 1km swim workout that you can easily fit in before work.

What you’ll need:

  • A kickboard
  • A clock to watch
  • A 50-metre pool – if you’re swimming in a 25-metre pool, count up and back as one lap.


Fight your fears - get into swimming!

If you’re looking for a new sport to get into, swimming should be at the top of your list. Not only is it great fun, it’s also a fantastic low-impact exercise great for all ages and skill levels. We understand that the thought of starting a new sport can be a little bit daunting, but we think 2018 is the year for you to challenge yourself.  

If you think: I’m too unfit to take up swimming.

We think: there’s no such thing!

Five Reasons to Get Into Swimming for Fitness

Whether you’re looking to change up your current exercise routine, recover from an injury with low-impact exercise or challenge yourself to try something new, incorporating a few sessions of swimming as part of your weekly exercise is the perfect way to reach your health and fitness goals.

1 – It burns calories and improves heart health

Swimming improves heart health and lung capacity, and helps turn fat into muscle. Like other aerobic activities such as running, swimming can help improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure, conducive to overall health.

Best Backyard Pool Games

We all have our favourite pool games (read: the pool games we’re best at) but summer is long and hot in Australia so a little variety never goes astray. Here’s a little list of some of our favs.


Five Tips for getting back in the pool

Many of us spent hours in our younger years swimming laps of a pool either during swim school or as a part of a club. You might have fond memories of this or simply be looking for another way to stay fit and active. Either way, here are some great tips to help get you started as an adult recreational swimmer.


Kickboard Exercises for Everyone

If you’re on this page you probably already full subscribe to the swimming-for-health mantra, but what you may not know about is all the amazing work outs and exercises that can be done with the humble kickboard. From, glutes, hamstrings and lower body to core and triceps, we’ve got you covered with this universal pool aid.


Flutter Kicking Exercise

This is a great activity for glutes, quads and hamstrings and helps perfect kicking technique to improve overall swimming while also targeting specific areas of the body.

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