The best thing you can do before and after your swim session

If there’s one thing important for all athletes to do before and after exercise to prevent injury, it’s stretching. Swimming uses all your main muscle groups and a wide range of motion, so it’s important to remember to warm up your joints before hopping in the pool and to help cool them down afterwards. Take five minutes before and after your swim to complete these stretches and avoid injury and increase your range of motion.

For your arms, neck and shoulders

Swimming workout for beginner lap swimmers

If you’re new to swimming laps, it can be difficult (and boring!) to swim the same style over and over again in your session. If you switch it up, you’ll not only use all major muscle groups, but you’ll also be building endurance and skill. If you’re a beginner lap swimmer still building fitness and basic skills, here’s a quick 1km swim workout that you can easily fit in before work.

What you’ll need:

  • A kickboard
  • A clock to watch
  • A 50-metre pool – if you’re swimming in a 25-metre pool, count up and back as one lap.


A brief history of Olympic swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular spectator sports at the Olympic Games. Did you know that it is also the Olympic sport with the second largest number of events (after athletics)? Swimming at the Olympics has come a long way, but do you know where it started?

The modern Summer Olympics began in 1896, and unlike a lot of other sports, swimming was included from the very first of the modern Games. Initially, the swimming events were only open to men – women were included from 1912.  

10 things to know about short course swimming

1. There are a lot of turns!

Because the pool is only 25 metres in length (instead of the usual 50m) the swimmers have to do twice the amount of laps

Underwater Turn
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Seven of Our Favourite Ocean Pools

Australia is home to over 100 ocean pools, offering a safe and stunning place to swim between the ocean and the coast. Australia’s first human-made ocean pool was built way back in 1819 after the commandant of Newcastle decided he wanted his own private swimming pool. So, he ordered a group of prisoners to start digging. And, after months of hard labour, the Bogey Hole was created! (Pictured above: next to the Bogey hole.) Now there are heaps of ocean pools all along the New South Wales coastline. Here are seven of our favourite.


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