Experiences are the events, opportunities and activities that make up Australia Swims. We want to make sure that every Australian can be part of a great experience, so every experience must meet the standards below before it’s approved by our team. Safety.


  • It’s important that everyone taking part in your experience is safe.
  • If your experience is at a pool make sure you have a qualified life guard on pool deck.
  • If your experience is at a patrolled beach make sure participants swim between the flags and know how to react if they are caught in a rip.
  • If your experience is at an unpatrolled beach…
  • If your experience is at an event in the open ocean make sure you have safety boats and helicopters on site.
  • If your experience is taking place somewhere else…
  • If your experience is taking place outside make sure there is sunscreen available.


It’s important that people who attend your experience can take part in the activities, rather than just watch. Make sure that your experience listing tells people who the experience is for. That way you won’t have a group of six-year-olds turning up for an adult only pool class.

Value for money

You can decide whether your experience is free or whether you charge a fee. Make sure what you charge balances with what people will receive, so that people get the best value for money.


People should know what to expect based on your experience listing. Make sure you’ve covered who the experience is for, where it’s taking place, how to get there, what activities are included, what’s provided and how long it’s going on for.

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