Yorkeys Knob Beach

Yorkeys Knob Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Yorkeys Knob Beach
Yorkeys Knob 4878, QLD

Yorkeys Knob is a 70 m high headland which forms the northern end of the beach of the same name. The beach runs toward the south-east for 1.5 km where it encounters the mouths of Yorkeys and the larger Richters Creeks, and their associated tidal shoals. Yorkeys Knob settlement, including two caravan parks, parallels the northern half of the beach, with houses also spreading up onto the headland. There is excellent beach access for the length of the beach. This attractive, tree-lined beach is composed of medium sand, that has built a steep high tide beach, while at low tide, low sand flats are exposed. The sand flats increase dramatically in width toward the southern creek mouths. A rock groyne is located at the north end and extends out from the Knob. This was constructed in 1959-60, following severe beach erosion during the 1956 cyclone. Sand has built up on the southern side of the groyne providing a degree of protection for the road and houses. However, a rock seawall is still present along most of the developed beach section.

Best at high tide in the northern patrolled area. Sand flats are exposed at low tide, while closer to the creek mouths there are strong tidal currents.

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