North Wollongong

North Wollongong

- 28 Jan

1 North Wollongong
North Wollongong 2500, NSW

North Wollongong Beach (NSW 371) is located 2 km northeast of the downtown area and is one of the two city beaches. Surf bathing commenced on the beach with the formation of 'Wollongong Surf Bathing and Life-Saving Club' in January 1908. The beach is commonly referred to as North Beach. It is 500 m in length and backed by bluffs rising in the south to 30 m all separated from the northern Fairy Meadow Beach by low rocks (Fig. 4.297). The 15 ha Stuart Park, has picnic facilities and car parking backing the northern end, while to the south a wide rock platform lies between the beach and the Wollongong Boat Harbour. A series of rock, wading and swimming pools occupy the southern section of this platform. The present surf club was founded in 1914 and is located in the centre of the beach. A walkway/bike path runs from this park along the top of the beach to Wollongong Boat Harbour. The beach is orientated to the east-northeast and receives some protection from southeast waves from Flagstaff Point, which trends 1 km to the southeast, with waves averaging 1.2 m. These maintain a single bar usually cut by 3-4 rips (Fig. 4.298 Under normal conditions the rips are small and infill with sand following periods of low waves. However when waves exceed 1 m and during summer northeast waves, the rips intensify.

A moderate energy beach that attracts big holiday crowds and plenty of inexperienced tourists. Stay between the flags and on the usually attached bar. Avoid the rips and side currents. There are several rock pools on the southern rocks, which is the best place for young children.

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