Flinders Beach

Flinders Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Flinders Beach
Amity 4183, QLD

The northern shore of North Stradbroke Island faces essentially due north and runs for 13 km from low, sandy Amity Point to 25 m high Point Lookout, the north-east tip of the island. In between are four sandy beaches, the eastern three bordered by rocks and headlands, together with the growing town of Point Lookout, which now backs about 3 km of the north-eastern corner of the island. Flinders beach (1581) is an 8 km long, north-east to north facing beach, bordered by Amity Point and extensive tidal shoals in the west and the 20 m high Rocky Point in the east. Between the two points, the shoreline has built out 1 to 2 km over the past few thousand years as a series of foredune ridges and spits, backed by an extensive swamp that is drained by two small creeks, one in the centre and one just west of Rocky Point. There is vehicle access to the beach toward the western end along the Flinders Beach Road, which also leads to a camping area and car park, and in the east at Adder Rock, where there is also a beachfront caravan park. The beach has a relatively low gradient and is either barless or fronted by a narrow continuous bar, particularly toward the east. Seaward of the bar, sand moves from east to west in the form of elongate sand waves and bars, which result in a highly variable outer surf zone. During high swell a strong westerly drift runs along and off the beach.

The north shore beaches offer generally low to moderate waves along a dynamic beachfront. The safest swimming is at the patrolled Cylinder Beach. Be careful off all the beaches as there is highly variable bar and trough topography associated with the migrating sand waves, together with often strong westerly drift and rips, when waves exceed 1m.

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