Bramston Beach

Bramston Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Bramston Beach
Bramston Beach 4871, QLD

Bramston Beach is located 20 km north of Innisfail, and lies 18 km east of the Bruce Highway. There is a small holiday settlement, a store, motel and beachfront camping area, all located toward the southern end of the 8.5 km long beach. The beach faces east-north-east, with prominent Rocky Point forming the southern boundary, and Wyvuri Creek, which exits against some granite rocks, at the northern boundary. Luxuriant tropical vegetation fringes the back of the beach. The main road reaches the beach at the groyne and camping area, with good access to the southern end and Rocky Point, and a rough track leading up to the northern end and Wyvuri Creek mouth. Waves average about 0.5 m and produce a moderately steep high tide beach, fronted by a low, flat low tide bar (Fig. 2.14b). The main part of the beach, adjacent to the camping area, has a rock groyne that has trapped the sand to build a wide, steep beach to the south, with a low, flat, eroding beach to the north. Toward Rocky Point, wider tidal flats replace the bar. The small Joyce Creek flows out against the point, with a breakwater partly protecting the creek, so as to allow small boats to reach the boat ramp inside the creek mouth.

A relatively safe beach with best swimming at mid to high tide, when the bar and tidal flats are covered. The patrolled area is immediately in front of the camping area and a stinger net is operated during the summer.

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