We've got your Swim Training Schedule sorted

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We've got your Swim Training Schedule sorted

For those swimmers who find swimming over winter too much, spring is a great time to head back to your local swim spot.

Swimming is an excellent sport for an all body workout, great stress relief and low cost. You can swim in a squad with friends or train solo knowing you are part of our swimming community.

Spring is a time when regardless of swimming over winter or just getting back into the pool - many swimmers set goals - getting fit for summer or beating a mate at a local open water swim.

Time to join our iSwim Tribe.

We have some excellent iSwim programs to kick off your spring training. Keep your training interesting and focused on your goals.

Here's a few of our fav's to build endurance, fitness and stroke efficiency to get your ready for the open water season, tri season or general fitness to make you feel good this summer.


mackhortonMack's Mile 

A great SCAT session.  This stroke count and timing set that is perfect for a freestyle specialist.

Mack has proven his success on the world stage, but loves a social swim and open water challenge at events like the Lorne Pier to Pub.

This one's great for your stroke efficiency which will help your distance swimming.

Swim distance: 1.6km 


Swim with KlimKlim

Take on Klimmy's rhythm, relaxation, range philosophy with a ripper set of 6 x 300m blocks. Each 300m block has a different focus for your swimming to keep things interesting.

A perfect session for open water swimmers or triathletes with a mindfulness focus to help you be your best self.

Build up to the 300m time trial at the end of the set and aim to beat your time. Plus you can register for the iSwim challenge and join the iSwim Tribe to compare with your friends.

We all love a competition!

Swim distance: 1.8km 


KurtKurt's Heart Rate Kicker

Great skills on reducing drag and a kick arse freestyle pyramid set to get your open water training kicked off.

This is a more advanced set, so if you're just starting out, you'll need to build your fitness to complete this one.

Grab a friend to join you and why not pick a spectacular location like this Bronte Ocean Pool to keep you motivated.

Swim distance: 2.2km 


Georgia Miller's Beach SetGeorgia

Professional Ironwoman Georgia Miller delivers a  beach run swim set.

An excellent compact set to get your heart rate pumping and work on your open water starts and finishes. Tackles beach water entry, catching waves and high knee lifts to exit the water fast.

Swim with a friend when you're in the open water.

Swim Distance: 250m & Run Distance: 500m

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