Kickboard Exercises for Everyone

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Kickboard Exercises for Everyone

If you’re on this page you probably already full subscribe to the swimming-for-health mantra, but what you may not know about is all the amazing work outs and exercises that can be done with the humble kickboard. From, glutes, hamstrings and lower body to core and triceps, we’ve got you covered with this universal pool aid.


Flutter Kicking Exercise

This is a great activity for glutes, quads and hamstrings and helps perfect kicking technique to improve overall swimming while also targeting specific areas of the body.

Start in the shallow end of the pool, holding the kickboard in front of the body with one hand on either side.

Push your arms out in front of you and push off the wall and kick legs in a scissor motion. Make sure you kick from the hip and not the knee, this will ensure the glutes are engaged throughout the activity.

Kick along the full length of the pool and then turn around and return to the shallow end. Rest for 30 seconds before repeating the activity.


Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging combines the benefits of running without the impact.

Start with the water around neck height and run through the water just as you would outside, as quick as possible. To add an arm workout use hand paddles to engage the triceps and biceps.

Run for 5 minutes and repeat 3 times with a 30 second recovery in between.



People don’t often realise how great swimming can be for their core muscles but these stomach crunches really do the trick.

Float perpendicular to the edge of the pool and place your legs, from the knees down, on the pool edge. While floating, slowly lift your upper body out of the water, using your abdominal muscles to pull yourself up as far as possible. Repeat 10 times per set.


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