Werri Beach

Werri Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Werri Beach
Werri Beach 2534, NSW

Werri Beach (NSW 397) occupies the first broad valley south of Kiama, with a view of the beach from the northern Pleasant Ridge lookout. The beach trends to the south from the northern Red Cliff for 1.9 km long, curving round to face northeast in the southern corner. It is backed by a now developed 200 m wide low barrier, and the drained Werri Lagoon which, together with Ooaree Creek, breaks out across the northern end of the beach. The beach was originally known as Lagoon Beach with a recreation ground opening at the beach in 1899. As a result of the popularity of the beach a surf club was formed at the southern end in 1914. However the present Gerringong SLSC dates from 1953. Most of the beach is backed by houses with a caravan park, bowling club and surf club at the southern end, and a rock pool on the southern shore platform (Fig. 4.323). The beach is well exposed with slight protection in the south from the point and an offshore reef. Waves average 1.6 m in the north dropping to 1.4 m in the south, and usually maintain one bar with up to 10 rips, including a strong permanent rip against the northern headland and one along the southern rocks (Fig. 4.324). The bar is usually attached between the rips, only detaching during high waves, particularly up the beach.

A potentially hazardous beach, particularly north of the patrol area, so stay in the south and between the flags or use the rock pool..

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