Semaphore Beach - SA

Semaphore Beach - SA

- 28 Jan

1 Semaphore beach
Semaphore South 5019, SA

At Point Malcolm the Adelaide coast protrudes more than 1km seaward. The older suburb of Semaphore is located on the point, which together with Largs Bay make up 7km on continuous residential development (Fig. 4.74). This entire area is situated on the Lefevre Peninsula a 10km long, up to 1Â km wide accumulation of sand that has been deposited over the past 6000 years, by the northern movement of sand from as far south as Seacliff. This movement is continuing today, the result of which are clearly evident in the wide low dune fronting the beach, and wide beach and multiple shallow bars. The sand in now accumulating under the jetties and against the North Haven breakwater, where the beach has built out 400m seaward is the past 20 years. This section of coast receives only low waves, usually less than 0.5m. Occasional higher waves are sufficient to rework the fine sand into a wide low firm beach, fronted by two to three shore parallel shallow bars and troughs, extending up to 500m seaward of the beach. Two jetties cross the beach at Semaphore and Largs Bay, the latter is now located within the shallow bar section. The original Semaphore Surf Life Saving Club (called Taperoo) which was located north of the jetty, was abandoned when the beach moved too far seaward of the club house. The new Semaphore surf club is located on Point Malcolm (232E), south of Fort Granville and adjacent to the caravan park. It is fronted by a foreshore reserve, wide beach and wide shallow surf zone with three shallow bars and trough off the beach (Figs. 4.75 & 4.76).

This is relative safe section of beach owing to the usually low waves and shallow water. Care need be taken with young children as the water depth varies over the bars and troughs and there are some deeper holes.

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