Mona Vale Beach

Mona Vale Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Mona Vale
Mona Vale 2103, NSW

Mona Vale Beach (NSW 307) commences at the tombolo and trends south-southwest for 1.1 km to the foot of the 30 m high shale cliff that separates it from its southern neighbour Warriewood. At times the beach builds out in front of the cliffs and the two beaches are joined. The Mona Vale SLSC (founded 1922) is located at the northern end and is backed by a large car park, park and picnic areas, with the rock pool shared with The Basin. The centre of the beach is backed by Mona Vale golf course, while on the southern slopes is Mona Vale Hospital. When the surf club was formed much of the northern area was covered by low sand dunes. These have now been stabilised and much of the area developed for residential housing and units. Wave height averages 1.5 m along the beach producing a single bar that is usually attached and cut by 5-6 beach rips. In the north a permanent rip runs out past the pool over submerged rocks, with rips also located beside rocks 300 and 600 m down the beach. It is therefore important to stay between the flags, on the bar and away from the rocks and reefs. During and following high waves the bars often detach and a continuous trough runs along the beach.
The Basin usually has low surging waves, while Mona Vale and Warriewood are both rip-dominated beaches, with permanent rips against the rocks. The pool in the north and between the flags is the best location for swimming.

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