Garie Beach

Garie Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Garie
Garie 2232, NSW

Garie and Little Garie occupy a 1.3 km long break in the cliff line where four small valleys reach the coast, with 80 m high Garie North and Thelma heads bordering each end (Fig. 4.270 & 4.271). Nine hundred metre long Garie Beach (NSW 344) blocks the entrance to three of the valleys, with the Garie Road running down a spur to the car park and Garie SLSC (formed 1938) located in the southernmost valley. The northernmost valley is more protected, with its slopes rising steeply to a 110 m high sea cliff. The second valley is occupied by sand dunes, with a youth hostel on the southern slopes, and a creek that runs across the beach after rain. The beach faces the southeast and is exposed to waves averaging 1.5 m, which produce 4-5 rips, including permanent rips against the rocks at each end. The bars between the rips alternate between being attached to the beach following low waves, and detached after high waves, producing a trough running the length of the beach. These conditions result in an average of 75 rescues each year.
Garie is a hazardous beach owing to the rips and troughs, so stay between the flags and be very careful if swimming up the beach. Little Garie is usually quieter but the rocks in the surf and boulders on the beach and to the sides create additional hazards.

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