Bilgola Beach

Bilgola Beach

- 28 Jan

1 Bilgola Plateau
Bilgola Plateau 2107, NSW

Bilgola Beach (NSW 303) is located in a 400 m wide valley, with the main Barrenjoey Road detouring around the back on the valley, a section of road called the Bilgola Bends. The 500 m long beach faces southeast and is bordered by 60 m high Bilgola Head to the north, and 40 m shaly Newport Head and rock platform to the south. Bilgola id afforded some protection from southeast waves by Newport reef which extends 1 km out to sea, resulting in waves averaging less than 1.5 m. The beach has a single bar, which is usually cut by two shifting beach rips, with permanent rips against the rocks at each end (Fig. 4.197 & 4.198). The southern rip known as the 'Newport Express' is particularly treacherous flowing out over rocks in the direction of neighbouring Newport Beach. The Bilgola SLSC (founded 1949) is located at the very southern end of the beach adjacent to a car park and amenities block. The rest of the beach is backed by several beachfront houses, with access from the road at the northern end.
Stay clear of the southern rip and swim between the flags as 83 people are rescued here on average each year. The bars are usually attached so stay on them. Safest place is in the centre, on the bar, and between the flags, and of course in the rock pool on the southern rock platform.

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