Why your child should learn to swim in 2018

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Why your child should learn to swim in 2018

Knowing how to swim is an essential and potentially life-saving tool which is particularly important in Australia where we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. We hear a lot about the importance water safety, but there are also dozens of other reasons why you should get your child to swimming lessons, stat. Here are just a few.

It will improve general health and fitness

Do you remember coming home from the beach or pool as a kid and feeling so hungry you could eat ten dinners? Whether it’s learning water drills, swimming laps or playing pool games with the whole family, swimming burns a huge amount of energy. Burning energy is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, preventing childhood obesity and preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes.  

Swimming can also improve cardiovascular health, help develop strong joints and build muscle.  

Knowing how to swim opens up a whole new world of sports

There are a lot of popular sports in Australia that require a minimum level of swimming competency for participation such as kayaking, surfing, and water-skiing. Not only does knowing how to swim give your child the opportunity to become good at and potentially compete in a range of popular sports, it also means they won’t be left out of school teams and events.  

Swimming teaches dedication and endurance

Getting yourself from one side of the pool to the other means not giving up. Learning to swim requires dedication and motivation, and the positive outcomes of swimming will teach your child to persevere during the difficult times.

They’ll make friends

Swimming lesson groups often include kids from different schools, meaning they can help build your child’s social skills and ability to get along with kids they don’t know.

They’ll sleep better

Now there’s a bonus for the whole family! The massive amount of energy expended during swimming often leaves kids (and adults!) feeling exhausted. Add the sun exposure and release of endorphins during an intense swim session and what you’re looking at is a night of quality shut-eye!  


Safety should always come first, so when looking for a swim school, Swimming Australia highly recommends a Swim Australia swim school with Swim Australia qualified teachers. Visit the ASCTA website to find out more as well as your nearest location. 


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