Lap Australia Challenge - Sydney bound

    Lap Australia

Lap Australia Challenge - Sydney bound

Australians have pledged their swims to the Lap Australia challenge, designed to get Australians swimming this summer. Whether you prefer laps in a pool, and open water swim, a splash at the beach or a snorkel at the reef, everyone can take part. In a new evolution of the challenge, for 2019 you can pledge your support to a team, led by an inspiring captain, supporting a terrific cause. 

The current progress on the challenge, sees over 2,400 km's in swim pledges, but there are many more to come. The collective distance puts the virtual lap near Sydney.

So far it has been the Masters Swimming Team that has led for the majority of the competition. The experienced campaigners have been rallied by Olympic legend Dawn Fraser and 100-year-old and 4-times Masters World Record holder, George Corones.

But hot on their heels are the likes of Olympic Champion, Mack Horton, who has pledges 80 km's to his Team, Citizens of the Reef. Fellow Dolphins Shayna Jack and Jake Packard are also keen to see their team take the lead.

Now is the time to get training. The Lap Australia Challenge commences on Saturday 19 January and runs for 10 days until Sunday 28 January. How far can you swim?

Make your swim pledge today and have your laps count towards the Lap Australia Challenge.

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