Australia’s Top 5 Snorkelling Beaches

    Lady Elliot Island Snorkelling Spot

Australia’s Top 5 Snorkelling Beaches

Snorkelling is a convenient pastime for those of us who want to admire Australia’s underwater beauty without strapping a tank of oxygen to our faces. But with so many options in this land that’s girt by sea how is one to know where to start?

Here’s a comprehensive list that you can count on one hand.


Spiral Beach, near Coolangatta

While the Gold Coast isn’t always synonymous diving and marine life, it does actually have a few hidden gems that are worth checking out in-between day trips to Wet N Wild and Pacific Fair. Spiral Beach offers up not only white sand and blue water (tick) but a pleasant surprise at high tide when you can snorkel through the soft coral is visible and the brightly coloured marine life that inhabit it come out to play.

Spiral Beach in Queensland
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Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg

For those wanting to get to the Great Barrier Reef while there’s still a Great Barrier Reef Lady Elliot Island might just be fore you. Lady Elliot is a coral cay island at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef that’s situated on an Eco resort. Yes the whole island is protected in the “Green Zone” of the Great Barrier Reef meaning an abundance of Fauna, in particular, the Manta Rays that claim Lady Elliot as their home.

Lady Elliot Island
Pictured above.


The Low Isles, Port Douglas

The Low Isles are easily accessible form Port Douglas (just 15 minutes) marking it perfect for holiday makers keen to dabble but not necessarily out for an all day-er. The Low Isles are also perfect for those wanting a little slice of paradise to themselves for the day given the restricted nature of the tours, only a handful of people can enjoy this natural beauty each day making it (almost) all yours.

The Low Isles in Cairns
Image Credit: Cairns Attractions


Port Noarlunga Reef, near Adelaide

When people think of snorkelling in Australia they normally think of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef (And rightly so, see points 1 through 3) but few know that there are some equally impressive spots in the southern parts of Australia. Enter Port Noarlunga. Situated just 45 minutes from Adelaide, Port Noarlunga stretches from the base of the Fleurieu Peninsula to the north-eastern coast of Kangaroo Island. It’s renowned for its variety of marine life (over 200 species) and it’s self-guided trail made out of twelve submerged bollards… Those South Australians are so resourceful.

Port Noarlunga Reef in Adelaide
Image Credit: Adelaide Now.


Abrolhos Islands, WA

Accessible from Geraldton for a day trip the Abrolhos Islands sit in the Indian Ocean in three clusters across 100 kilometres of pristine water. Comprising of 122 islands the Abrolhos offers pristine water and an abundance of marine life. Known for the inhabitants of the sky as well as the ocean, the Abrolhos Islands have become a bird watching sanctuary as well as snorkelling and diving.

Abrolhos Islands
Image Credit: Australian Traveller


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